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Project Manager
Facilities Management
BGSU Main Campus

A Project Manager is trained and certified by the State Architect’s Office to act as the local administrator for all construction projects on campus.  A manager is assigned University project requests and oversees the budget, programming, design, construction, and occupancy of the affected space, including projects at the Firelands campus.  A manager must ensure that the design and construction phases of the project are in compliance with all governing building codes and regulations.

  • Serve as Project Manager daily for construction projects on campus.  Duties include:

    • Meet with architects/engineers to review technical proposals and negotiate contractual scope and fees,
    • Provide guidance and technical support for procurement of architectural/engineering services.  Monitor design process for compliance with University Standards, including Sustainability and LEED expectations, and State policies for the design and construction documents preparation,
    • Manage construction activities for construction and renovation projects.  Related duties and responsibilities are the following, which encompass identifying projects, budget estimating, interviewing, selection, and direction of hired engineering consultants construction/project management and supervision, which requires ongoing coordination with University personnel, engineering consultants, etc. 
    • Frequently reviews project schedule, and makes suggestions for expediting the process, reviews and approves proposals, pay requests and change orders associated with the project.
  • During project closeout, forward information to the appropriate departments to insure that warranty issues are addressed as well as technical training for BGSU staff for the new equipment.
  • Serves as liaison monthly, or as necessary, between various governmental offices such as State Architect’s Office, Ohio Department of Commerce- Division of Industrial Compliance, EPA, FAA, FCC, Ohio Department of Health and OSHA, other Local and State Agencies having authority, etc. for code related issues and building permits.
  • Coordinate and work on related issues at least weekly with University offices such as Purchasing, Campus Operations, Environmental Health and Safety, General Counsel Office, Business Office to process various aspects of the project specifics.  Review and make recommendations for standards or contracts’ involving university standards, and what impact it has on the design and construction process.  Any liability issues, which might affect the University, need to be addressed by departments, which have a vested interest; this requires a group effort in resolving these issues.
  • Develops preliminary and final cost estimates for projects budgeting and capital planning processes; actively participates in pre-bid meetings and bid openings, evaluates bids and makes recommendations for Local and/or State funded contract awards as necessary.  Prepares requisitions and continuously monitors project budgets and assesses monthly contractor requests for payment.
  • Coordinates all meetings associated with design review, pre-bid, bid opening, pre-construction and weekly progress meetings for projects.  This process requires open communication between the client, consultant(s), and contractor(s).  Depending on the size and complexity of the project, this usually requires a varying degree of coordination with other departments such as Campus Operations, Inventory Management, ITS, IMS, Residential Services, Dining Services, etc.
  • Meets with various University departments to identify and assess project needs for that area, formulate the program statement based on those needs, establish budget estimates, project funding request for local and state agencies, work in conjunction with Capital Planning Office to finalize requests for budget allocations.  Provide additional technical information required for the request.  Occasionally may need to attend Ohio Board of Regents Controlling Board meetings in Columbus for State funding approval.
  • Assists University Campus Operations maintenance staff on maintenance and renovation projects that come to their attention first that are determined to require engineering support and consultation, and/or extensive outside contractor intervention.
  • Provide specialty perspective to assist the Director of Design and Construction and other office staff on assessing and developing new and renovation project scope of work and building requirements.  Also, assist University architect in bid document preparations, estimating, bidding, and supervising new and renovation projects that involve any area of expertise within design and construction (e.g.-HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire protection systems etc.).
  • Contact, gather pricing from, recommend, and hire outside general or specific contractors (based on area of expertise) to carry out small renovation projects that do not require formal bidding by University Purchasing Department when university staff are unable to perform work. Also responsible for scheduling, notifying affected areas, coordinate utility shut-downs, overseeing contractors’ work for completion and quality of work, after contractor is hired.
  • Serve as the department coordinator and resource person for computer technology hardware, software, networking capabilities, and filing and storage of drawings and specifications.  Work with student interns on CAD programs.

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management or related degree.  Degree must be conferred at the time of application. 


The following experience is required:

  • Three to four years of construction project administration / management experience. 


Certification Requirements – required within six months of start date:

  • Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Local Administration Certification



Full-time administrative staff position.   Administrative pay grade 357. Salary is commensurate with education and experience.  Full benefits package available.  


Deadline to apply:  The search committee will review applications until the position is filled; however, for best consideration, applications should be provided by ‘April 1, 2022’.     



Bowling Green State University provides a comprehensive benefit program as part of a total compensation package.  This includes medical, prescription, dental, vision, health accounts (medical & dependent), life & disability insurance, retirement plans, employee assistance program and tuition fee waivers for employees and their eligible dependents as well as paid time off, flexible work options, holidays and parental leave.  For more information please visit Benefits-at-a-Glance.pdf (bgsu.edu)


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • This position is responsible for extensive leadership and management for each project involving all process, procedure, protocol, planning, practice, as well as control, communication, consistency, and cooperation.  There are multiple individuals and groups that must be conferred with and collaborated with and be managed in the process of this leadership role.  There is a continuous need to remain sensitive and responsive to all the standard operating procedures, as well as handling all the complication, inquiries, obstacles, assessments, problems, conditions, circumstance, situations, concerns, and issues, in a extremely serious, professional, urgent, and direct methodology.  This is a leadership methodology called the Lightening Rod concept.  Our department uses this metaphor to define action, direction, and leadership.
  • Professionalism is a key essential duty for this position.  The behavior of the person in this position among and with the various constituencies of customers on campus and off campus is very important to the success and image of the Department and the University.  Essential to the duties is quality communication in all forms as well as a positive attitude and civil behavior tasked at delivering quality information that induces efficiency and effectiveness while demonstrating professional leadership. 
  • This position must be multidisciplinary.  This position must be versed in many different areas of architecture, engineering, construction, and construction management, as well as business and logistics.  Projects vary greatly and include diverse type work requiring continuous progression of collective knowledge to the Department in areas outside one’s particular field of interest or specialization.  Assigned projects could include or may directly relate or be similar with, but is not limited to:  Planning, and programming; Information technology; systems review and analysis; furnishings and moveable equipment; site work; landscaping; hazardous waste; roadway engineering. utility engineering; mechanical; electrical; plumbing; lighting; planning; specification writing, designing, electronic drawing and detailing, structural or civil engineering, acoustics, roofing, alternative energy systems, legal, site survey, geotechnical, zoning, code, regulation.  This position has many opportunities to reach beyond its specialization to manage work and is expected to take on all types of assigned projects. 
  • This position must be extremely responsive in the progress of their assigned work and projects.  This position must be able to switch priorities and juggle diverse scope, schedules, and dollars, as well as other circumstances, issues, and operational requirements.  This position handles many diverse situational conditions that require expeditious consistency and unexpected time duration variance.   This is where the origination and involution of the Lightening Rod concept for the Department came to be.  This is a metaphor for quality leadership that requires this position to be extremely responsive and accountable.  See the Lightening rod concept document.
  • This position must understand and practice an operational attitude and leadership principle of the department called Effective First Level Resolution (EFLR).  EFLR is the opportunity of Project Manager to implement settlement of issues, concerns, conflicts, disputes, disarray, coordination, etc. at the earliest point of understanding and realization of situations and circumstances poised for migration of risk and more consequential outcomes.  EFLR means being personally and emotionally detached from situations and circumstances to enable Effective First Level Resolution activation.  EFLR is an opportunity to mitigate the continued evolution of situations and circumstances.  EFLR is a diligence to resolve matters before situations and circumstances evolve to higher levels of dispute resolution.  Higher levels of dispute resolution are mediation, arbitration, and litigation; each of which poses a progression of conflict, costs, lost control, lack of control, increased exposure of risk, and increased time expenditure.  See documentation on EFLR.
  • Teamwork is a significant responsibility for this position.  We exist in an empowered work environment, where individual leadership is essential, while at the same time, always partners in a team—whole group and department.   We must act and work like a team because it is necessary to have a team embodiment within the group to support the needed “buddy system” approach.  As a team there is a generation of cohesiveness that allows the opportunity to build a stronger, more knowledgeable, and supportive group of individuals learning from their experiences and enabling the department operations development; as well as department integrity to continuously grow stronger through sharing, training, and insight.  This position is responsible for working in this way across the boundaries of its own assigned projects to support the full department project load and the other individual Project Managers.  
  • This position must have depth, breadth, and detail in coordinating, communicating, organizing, and managing multiple projects simultaneously with a seamless progression of development, oversight and leadership for each project.  Careful and constant documentation and organization of documentation.  Thorough understanding and commitment to assuring the required professional documentation for successful project outcomes within the domain of this position’s duties and responsibilities.  Thoroughness in process, procedures, and assessment of project team development, i.e.; architect, engineer, designers, specialist, manufacturers, technicians, University affiliates and staff, committee members, and all other project team personnel.  Monitoring and management of these professionals and project team personnel is this position duty and responsibility.                                       
  • Each project manager is the leader of his work.  This position should continuously assess the work load, determining the priorities and adjustment to priorities at any given time and shall assure that each project is on track to meet the expected or required scope, schedule, and dollar expectations of the University, the client, and the Department.
  • This position is responsible for handling and managing their assignments and assigned projects from whatever point in the processes that they receive the assigned work.  This includes handling and managing projects from their initial idea, inception point, planning and programming, design, bidding, construction, and construction management, as well as post occupancy and warranty. Project Managers are to be adept, capable, and knowledgeable.  This position must continue the ever-growing and needed practicum experience and learning about all phases of a project’s evolution.  This position must be astute at staying on top of the particular and detailed events that arise during project evolution and must continue to challenge themselves to be critical thinkers, visionary, and decisive.


Diversity Statement

In addition to your cover letter and resume, you will be required to upload a written response to the diversity and inclusion question listed below.  The Diversity Statement should not exceed 1 page that is double-spaced with 1-inch margins, using 12pt. font. 

  • How do you engage others in equity, diversity and/or inclusion?
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